WJS Liahona

Educational Opportunities

There have been several educational groups approaching Wjsliahona for bringing universities to be more involved in China. The funding is ready in China, so those schools who participate with WJS Liahona to offer services, will be supported by the existing funding. Please feel welcome to come forward to discuss what the possibilities can be from the U.S. university's side.

Will You Serve My Chinese Family With Me?

We, WJS Liahona International Services, go to China often and share 2 weeks to 6 months services time in lower income areas with languages and performing arts such as music, painting, dancing and media tools usage. Come interview and see which service groups you belong to.

Please contact Sister Jyang at:
[email protected]

*Christmas season for family service in China can also be arranged here.
**Other humanitarian projects are welcome to combine with us.

Business Opportunities

WJS Liahona is ready to share the business leads from China. If you have any of the following service systems or technologies, please contact us through our web site.
WJS Liahona International Services does not charge any fee while serving schools of low income Chinese. We understand that many others often need to do so to support US offices. We appreciate the good work they have done in the past. As the beginning of a new year, you are now coming to China with us to be in a pure humanitarian service activity. No Chinese language skill required.