WJS Liahona
Thank you for your time regarding the China youth and family improvement programs. Some of you asked me to send notes about the scholarship and the projects details. I am presenting a list of info so people can get the services learning / scholarship opportunities through your email messages.

Two months scholarship ,starts right after Christmas and enjoy Chinese new year there. It is in Yin Chuan City of Ning Xia Province, very much like Utah---airfare ,room and board are covered by the scholarship. No cash pay. The services include a few hours tutoring at home of 2 Chinese youth and staying home or going places with their lovely young house mother. Father only comes home weekend. The youth can speak good enough English. Internet and modern tools are available at the house. The house is next to the high school; lots of learning opportunity.
Only for female above 20 yrs old.

Start reading Book of Mormon 30 min's every day.

Pray about the decision.

Email [email protected]

Get personal passport and visa fee to enter China processed by Dec 1. (check the post office and the visa web site for the fee and save up enough in a few weeks, scholarship does not cover this personal matter unless you are the direct descendent of Emma and Joseph Smith)

WJS Liahona will train the service youth some basic lessons before departure.

Set the goals of the service learning plan.

The simple agreement will be signed after the interview.

Get the priesthood blessing

Get the roundtrip airplane tickets from WJS Liahona

Take off to China in the end of Dec 2009 or beginning of Jan 2010 for a great chapter of the service road! Looking forward to knowing you virtuous youth out there!

As the none scholarship services list goes, here is one of the samples. More coming soon,.

1. Assisting low income children learning without using money

One of the pilot programs--- without using money for assisting low income children learning. We will take a software as the message carrier by EMAILING INDIVIDUAL CHILDREN TO DISCUSS THE REGULAR LIFE CONVERSATION IN ENGLISH. THE EMAIL WILL BE SHORT with some digital materials ---short speech address to the Chinese child, music or just a photo with a few words. When we get this done, we will train many people to get the system and help children without using money and the great English lessons will be tailors made for the child in China. It will also train many of our US youth to know how to serve Chinese regular folks.

you can serve with us in China from your US family computer rooms/ classrooms.

We, WJS Liahona, are going to start with the simple 3 e-mails a week per child from a US family.

We will let you know your Chinese child's email address by the Christmas weekend.

US family use the digital file with 3-5 minute talk with a daily conversation subject attached to email.The digital software can be found through some digital family history services.

The Chinese student/child in the low income area can open the email when she/he has the chance to use the Internet during the week.

We will provide basic guideline to help the individual sharing English emails more practical for the Chinese children. Currently, the owners of a well known family history software company are supporting the program. The famous language expert retired from BYU and the Utah teaching groups are testing the Internet conditions between US and China.

Please start your digital file collection and not to wait till the announcement because the program should get started before the Christmas week. You may be very busy. So get 10-15 simple digital files with simple speech recorded and save it in your e mail files or just your PC systems. You will find it handy.

We will encourage the Chinese students to share the great weekly English lessons with those who cannot afford to hire US teachers as well.

This program will grow as the US group grow. The first goal is to get 50 different families to create the on going weekly email lessons. This should be enough to get many different levels students in China the English training with the real US daily English learning material.

While we see the progress among the Chinese, we will select the more effective groups. families to train youth teachers to promote more humanitarian services systems without using big money.

2.The earthquake area visit to care for the lonely children with book , US treats, family stories collection, arts , humanitarian knowledge exchanges and long term nutrition food assisting program. We did this with both Chinese and US visitors for a few times. It as so fun. All ages are welcome to join us.Even whole family can come. Every other month we will do it. It takes 20-30 years for the young children to recover from the tragedy. The visit from us can do a productive memory enhance for the new part of life.

3. Performing in China every other months without pay or any scholarship. the cost is low and it is a chance to build up the credits for the future usages in many fields. The association with the local government and media alone is the main benefit for our youth from Utah networks, if not just LDS social networks.

4. Hold hands with wealthier Chinese families to encourage the nationwide family relationship promoting with the local government through several wonderful Utah humanitarian training systems. The certificate system will be established between US and China youth and the parents. Details coming soon.

We know many of the gifted youth , parents and the leaders can write and create greater plans. Please advice any thing you feel can make it more beneficial for all the children of God.

Thank you for serving my Chinese family with me and being the light of the world!