WJS Liahona

Business Opportunities

WJS Liahona is ready to share the business leads from China. If you have any of the following service systems or technologies, please contact us through our web site.
  • water treatment
  • Chinese friendly English teaching degrees and skills
  • unique food packaging
  • Hollywood film network
  • youth training knowledge
  • energy technology
  • medical lab
  • mining technology
  • agriculture technology for soil and produce.

Please also prepare power point of your service with your basic China plan. We go to China every other month.

Many government officials and friends from China have acknowledge WJS Liahona as one of the most friendly Utah services therefore they have expressed their concerns regarding their local needs privately to WJS Liahona

As the Chinese government project leaders choose your system or service WJS Liahona will guide you through certain stages to ensure your best performance in China.We will also suggest the best team to support you if there is a language or Asian business experience issue on your side.

WJS Liahona International Services does not charge any fee while serving schools of low income Chinese. We understand that many others often need to do so to support US offices. We appreciate the good work they have done in the past. As the beginning of a new year, you are now coming to China with us to be in a pure humanitarian service activity. No Chinese language skill required.