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May 12 and 13, 2011 Youyu High School Youth Training activity on took place at Datong, Shanxi Province, China 右玉一中英语文化节

  • signing the agreement
    Signing The Agreement
  • a playful moment with the high officials
    A Playful Moment With The High Officials
  • agriculture project meeting with the goverment officials
    Agriculture Project Meeting With The Goverment Officials
  • another side of Asia
    Another Side Of Asia
  • brotherhood
  • CASS meeting for the humanitarian projects
    CASS Meeting For The Humanitarian Projects
  • CASS scholars giving advices
    CASS Scholars Giving Advices
  • Catholic church built by Italian Father
    Catholic Church Built By Italian Father
  • China temple add
    China Temple Add
  • Chinese New Year temple activity
    Chinese New Year Temple Activity
  • Dao fellow in Beijing China
    Dao Fellow In Beijing China
  • discussion with China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF)
    Discussion With China Children And Teenagers' Fund (CCTF)
  • going back to the old time
    Going Back To The Old Time
  • graceful joy of Asian life
    Graceful Joy Of Asian Life
  • in the palace dinning room with the business owners
    In The Palace Dinning Room With The Business Owners
  • interfaith activity
    Interfaith Activity
  • LDS Temple sight
    LDS Temple Sight
  • powerful support from the Utah advisory
    Powerful Support From The Utah Advisory
  • saving the green life
    Saving The Green Life
  • scholars explained how to better work with China
    Scholars Explained How To Better Work With China
  • sharing a moment with  the little ones
    Sharing A Moment With The Little Ones
  • the faces that love China
    The Faces That Love China
  • there is a sign in our China  office building
    There Is A Sign In Our China Office Building
  • there is an office can help in China
    There Is An Office Can Help In China
  • understanding the youth in China
    Understanding The Youth In China
  • visiting retired government official
    Visiting Retired Government Official
  • Youth mentoring
    Youth Mentoring
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