WJS Liahona

Who is W.J.S. Liahona LLC?


11 years ago, a small group of individuals, then called W.J.S. Liahona, began working to build a relationship of commitment, trust, friendship, and service with the Chinese people. 十一年前,一个称作主导宝球的小规模的个人团体, 始着手建立一个守承诺、值得信赖、友好的关系,并且服务于中国人。
One example of this relationship building was our humanitarian teachers program (now called International Mountain Aqua Young Ambassador Program---I.M.A.Young Ambassador ) introduced nearly seven years ago. Youth and married couples volunteered to spend their time, talents and money to teach English and the arts in Chinese low income area. The unique, trustworthy and talented individuals supplied by W.J.S. Liahona were noticed and soon other schools and organizations wanted more of our ser vices. 这种关系的其中一个例子就是我们的人道主义教师们的项目(现在叫作国际山水青年大使项目---I.M.A青年大使)在大约7年前产生。年轻的和结婚的夫妇志愿在中国低水平收入的地区奉献他们的时间,智慧和金钱去教导英文和文科。主导宝球这独一无二,值得信赖的和这充满才干的团体被很多学校和组织迅速的关注并且希望我们更多的服务。
As time went on, the list of Chinese contacts grew, as well as Utah’s interest in China. The need then arose to form an official company. In 2007, using the original name, the group formed W.J.S. Liahona, LLC. 随着时间的流逝,在中国的人际关系网也逐步增加,犹他州方面也对中国产生了兴趣。因为需要最终组建了一个正式的公司。在2007年,使用了最初的名称,团体组建成为主导宝球公司。